Seasonal Items

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Collection Prepack
Contains: Pink Crystal Post Earrings, Pink Dangle Earrings and Pink Sundrop.
K-BC79 21 pc Prepack

Valentines Day Collection Prepack
Contains: Crystal Heart Post Earrings, Crystal Heart Dangles and Crystal Heart Sundrop
K-VAL77 21 pc

Holiday Crystal Post Earring Prepack
K-987 20 pc

Angel Collection Prepack
Contains: Crystal Angel Dangle Earrings, Angel Phone Dangles and Angel Sundrops.
FJ-AC74 18 pc

Valentines's Day Prepacks


Valentine's Day Heart Post Earring Prepack
K-988 20 pc

Valentines's Day Prepack

21 pr. K-VAL 77


Holiday Prepacks


Holiday Crystal Post Earrings

20 pr. K-987


Window Drop Prepack

12 Piece Assorted Style WC-998


Mother's Day - Easter


Crystal Charm Prepack

24 Piece Assorted Styles & Colors SD-989


Easter Prepack

20 pr. Post Earrings



Mother's Day Prepack

20 pr. Post Earrings K-MD58


Mother's Day Prepack

20 pr. Crystal Post Earrings